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Van Gaal announced that Manchester United will sign a new striker

Manchester United coach Louis van Gaal announced this summer he will sign a new striker, and this person will make everyone’s surprise, because today, the media never reported this and there are rumors of the Red Devils.

Robin van Persie of Manchester United in the summer off the [microblogging] and Falcao, only Rooney [microblogging] and lease back “Little Pea” Hernandez two pure strikers, Van Gaal clearly that this is not enough, He told the media revealed that Manchester United are trying to introduce a new killer.

“For his introductions in progress.” Van Gaal said, but he did not say “he” is.

Van Gaal said that this person will make the media surprised. “No, it’s not a media wrote striker, but you have to wait and see. Transfer window open until September 1, you have to wait.”

The initiative for Van Gaal exposed material, the British media’s reactions are, Fan Marshal suggesting that Manchester United will sign a surprising new striker. “Daily Mail” said it was a mystery strikercould be a shock addition; “Sky Sports” also known as Van Gaal implies that the candidate was a surprise signing.

Over the past few weeks, a lot of forwards and generating rumors Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain [microblogging] Cavani, Tottenham [microblogging] Kane, Bayern [microblogging] [microblogging] Munich Levante Duo Fusi base [microblogging], but Van Gaal’s position, these are the media points over the name of the people, not the Manchester United want to sign. As to who this mysterious striker in the end is, and only time will reveal the answer.

In addition, when asked about the case of Manchester United to sign Real Madrid defender Ramos, Van Gaal said: “I can not comment on these rumors, I have already said, everything is a process, perhaps Mr. Ramos also in the process, you I can not predict. “