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Barcelona announced the new season jersey number


Barcelona announced the new season’s shirt number, where Alves wore the No. 6 jersey Harvey left, and the new No. 2 jersey has also been assigned. Two new aid Turan and Vidal can not register due, there is no jersey number.

Last season, Alves number is on the 22nd, this season he became the 6th jersey number, this number belong to leave Barcelona this summer, former captain Xavi, who moved to Qatar Al Sadd. The jersey No. 22 does not yet have a new owner.

No. 2 last season Montoya has joined Inter Milan, his new owner is Douglas joined Barcelona last season, but in pre-season warm-up match with Chelsea, Douglas hamstring injury will be out for two months. His numbers last season, is on the 16th, the new owner of 16 is doing well in the warm-up match Sandro.

Barcelona’s official website also said, Turan and Vidal will be officially announced when the new number game for Barcelona in January.

Barcelona official announced the wing missing injured 8 weeks

FC Barcelona announced on its official website, the team wing Douglas strain against Chelsea muscle, will truce as long as eight weeks, which means that Douglas will miss the start of the new La Liga season.

This morning, Chelsea, Barcelona with a warm-up match, starting to play Douglas on behalf of Barcelona. Match the first 15 minutes, Douglas, in the absence of physical contact, the sudden because of a muscle strain while teammate Roberto benched. It is worth mentioning that this game card Azar Douglas and Chelsea head alignment, competition among He was repeatedly Azar shake down, perhaps in the process, Douglas accidentally pulled a muscle.

After the match, Barcelona’s official website announced the injuries Douglas, test results show that the club medical team, Douglas femoral biceps of his right leg injury, he will thus have a truce as long as eight weeks. La Liga season will be unveiled on August 24, which means that Douglas will miss Barcelona’s opening stages of the season.

Douglas injury, will make Barcelona right back position facing the dilemma of shortage of people, Montoya had already left the band, Adriano is because heart problems, will miss the opening stages of a season. Barcelona will Bianwei position, Alves will rely on veteran one.

Enrique: one of the best coach Van Gaal


The second warm-up match before the start of the new season, Barca could not withstand the onslaught of Manchester United, eventually lost 1-3. Despite losing the game, but coach Enrique is not lost.

When attending the post-match press conference, Enrique said: “This is a very good game that can help us find the rhythm of the game, but the stadium turf, some dry.”

“Roberto played right back? He can play multiple positions, which is a very interesting attempt.”

Before the game, as Enrique former coach at Barcelona, Van Gaal said Enrique Rooney then as now as important as Enrique cold humor replied:. “Me and Wayne Rooney is probably more like hair”

Enrique went on to say: “In my playing career, I have met Van Gaal is one of the best coaches, I told him grateful Manchester United can not win the Triple Crown, of course, why not.?

Barcelona coach denies leased 41 million reinforcements


Barcelona arrived in the United States preparing for the International Cup, coach Enrique attended the news conference said the team two new aid Turan and Vidal despite transfer ban until January due to debut race, but the team will not be their out on loan, but seek understanding and joint training team. In addition, Macy America’s Cup journey has just ended, the club did not consider his fitness to save it to the United States.
Due to a violation of FIFA’s transfer regulations, Barcelona’s new signing until January next year to ban debut, Barcelona has now finalized Turan and Vidal Titans to join the two power faction, has been revealed that Barca might Turan on loan to other teams hold state, which Enrique was rumor.

“5 months can not make new signings playing a huge blow for us, but I hope they will have been trained to follow us, the team did not consider the possibility that they rented out.”

Ayala just America’s Cup Messi and Neymar missed the trip to the United States, Enrique represents sufficient rest so that the core team is necessary, “Messi needs a vacation, even though he always seemed full of energy, But he needs to rest. ”

Enrique traveled to the United States for pre-season competition is also very critical, “I do not like to travel, because this process has brought more problems than gains, the United States is a beautiful country, but we need to do this jet lag, we can carry out the same training in their own stadium. ”

For the upcoming season, and has just won the Triple Crown of the Barcelona target more than that, “This year I definitely hope to retake the trophy!”

Barcelona 11 million annual salary contract Merit crown 19


Barca had planned to sell the Brazilian striker in the summer of 2014, but they failed to find a suitable replacement, so Alves to stay in the team. Also Yin Basa stricken transfer ban, red and blue army can not be bought in 2015 two transfer period, the situation Alves also had 360-degree change. Alves once again become a key player of Barcelona, ​​Barca won the treble last season, he has achieved a lot.

Initially Alves’s contract expires in 2015, because of outstanding performance, Barcelona is willing to contract, but did not make an offer to Barcelona Alves and his agent satisfaction, they hope to get more.

Barca eventually make concessions to each season, Alves are willing to pay 11 million euros in annual salary, in addition to payment of a sum of 1 million bonus to Alves. Alves nod to renew the current contract with Barcelona until 2017.

Alves in 2008 to 29.5 million euros worth of transfer from Seville to Barcelona, ​​where the effect of seven years became the world’s best right back, helped Barcelona win the Spanish title five times, three times the Champions League, 2nd World Club Cup, European Super Cup twice, three times King’s Cup and the Spanish Super Cup four times so far on behalf of Barcelona has played more than 300 times.

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