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America’s Cup – Mexico draw with Bolivia super shooter deadlock is not broken


2015 Copa America Group A first round match at the Sausalito Stadium, race, Bolivia Mexico 0-0 draw, both sides failed to grasp the opportunity to score the only Super League striker Moreno played in the audience could not meritorious deeds.

Since the America’s Cup and the Gold Cup has carried out this summer, Mexico coach Miguel – Herrera division two team were forced to participate in two major intercontinental tournament. This is Mexico’s 9th invited to participate in the America’s Cup. The two sides clash of history 11 games, the only win was in 1997 in Bolivia, Mexico, in addition to win nine times. Bolivia Since 1997 America’s Cup, seven draws and 9 losses without victory, 14 consecutive games zero closure opponents failed.

Medina Mexico midfielder shot wide edge of the area. Bolivia 14 minutes almost broke, Meadow Goldberg put a cross in, Peidelieer former point Tongshe hit near corner post bounce. Changchun Yatai striker Moreno then shot at 25 yards higher. Game deadlocked, Flores restricted the right half-volley was confiscated. It appears most threatening offensive half before the end of the restricted area before the shot was Coronado Campos saved, after the far point Lal Fernandez small angle header from a corner hit the side net.
The second half, Jesus restricted the right shot wide of the near post. Mexico play fast fit, Medina restricted area arc shot higher. Bolivia occasional counterattack, Moreno right towards the area before the shot missed the far corner. Mexico 68 minutes almost broke, Jesús Hurtado left breakthrough after the transfer, Atletico Madrid striker off the bench Ximenes edge of the area before a small header wide. Mexico continued to put pressure on the right side of the penalty area misses wide of the near corner of Medina, Coronado long shots.

The first 79 minutes, on the right into the restricted area under the Aquino Morales defensive fall, the referee refused a penalty. Four minutes later, the Mexican free-kick melee, Gomes small edge attempting a shot from behind the uprooting Moreno, not fined referee remains, Montes little restricted area before the shot was rushed Hurtado denied the bottom line. Eventually the two sides goalless draw.

Mexico Lineup (5-3-2): Coronado; Flores, Ayala, Max (64 ‘Aquino), Domingos, Alderete; Gomes, Medina (81 ‘, Montes), Jesús; Wo Aosuo Herrera (61’ Ximenes)

Bolivia Lineup (4-4-2): Kuinuoneisi; Hurtado, Lal Fernandez, Cen Ventnor, Morales; Meadow Lundberg, D- Bejarano, Chu Ma Cerro, Campos (71 ‘, Escobar); Moreno, Peidelieer (85’, M- Bejarano)