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Chelsea generation demon Feng turned to India League

The former Chelsea, Juventus [microblogging] striker Adrian Mutu has joined the Indian Premier League Pune City team.

Mutu, 36, said in a statement to the new team, said: “I want to resolve the coaching staff, is one of the main reasons I came here, this will be one of my biggest challenges in his career, I Am looking forward to.”

Mutu effect in the 2003-04 season when Chelsea initially had high optical performance, Chelsea coach Claudio Ranieri was when he was called “My serpent.” But then he state of decline, and ultimately dismissed because of drug Chelsea. Later, he also played for Juventus, Inter Milan [microblogging] and other teams.

Mutu coach the team in the city of Pune, is a famous former England star Pratt, while India League gathered a group of former big-name international football. Former Brazilian star Zico coached here, his men famous Brazilian defender Lucio, and Italian star Alessandro Del Piero and Marco Materazzi, the French striker Nicolas Anelka, the Brazilian star Roberto – Carlos also effect in India League.

Manchester United Chelsea top target pistol exposed

Chelsea in the summer transfer market is quite low-key, in addition to Falcao and Begovic both for reinforcing bench outside, Mike Mussina’s team does not have big signings. Chelsea is currently the number one goal is to pass Everton young Houwei Si Si, but the Blues offer was rejected twice. The latest news British media, Manchester United have joined the Stones to the battle.

Manchester United have been reinforced in the back line demand, after poaching basic Ramos failed, Manchester United will move on the Stones. “Daily Mirror” said the Manchester United players are willing to spend money the way redemption + Stones, but the Red Devils are willing to swap out players is Evans. Everton had been hoping to introduce Evans, but due to the delay in finalizing the Manchester United defender signings, so Van Gaal refused to release Evans left the band. And if Everton are willing to accept such transactions, then the two teams is undoubtedly happy.

21-year-old Stones is one of the most promising defense Premiership star, Chelsea have been hoping that he incurred under Mike Mussina even publicly expressed interest in him. But Chelsea has 2000 pounds and 2600 pounds twice a quote, Everton have been rejected. Manchester United will no doubt now be added to the deal more complicated. Manchester United than Chelsea now has a more adequate transfer budget, but also in their hands to make Everton interested Evans.

It is reported that Everton is also ready to leave their preparation Stones, they will buy  Ashley – Williams, as Stones replacement.

Barcelona official announced the wing missing injured 8 weeks

FC Barcelona announced on its official website, the team wing Douglas strain against Chelsea muscle, will truce as long as eight weeks, which means that Douglas will miss the start of the new La Liga season.

This morning, Chelsea, Barcelona with a warm-up match, starting to play Douglas on behalf of Barcelona. Match the first 15 minutes, Douglas, in the absence of physical contact, the sudden because of a muscle strain while teammate Roberto benched. It is worth mentioning that this game card Azar Douglas and Chelsea head alignment, competition among He was repeatedly Azar shake down, perhaps in the process, Douglas accidentally pulled a muscle.

After the match, Barcelona’s official website announced the injuries Douglas, test results show that the club medical team, Douglas femoral biceps of his right leg injury, he will thus have a truce as long as eight weeks. La Liga season will be unveiled on August 24, which means that Douglas will miss Barcelona’s opening stages of the season.

Douglas injury, will make Barcelona right back position facing the dilemma of shortage of people, Montoya had already left the band, Adriano is because heart problems, will miss the opening stages of a season. Barcelona will Bianwei position, Alves will rely on veteran one.

Mike Mussina fear of a worry to emerge


Chelsea ended the North American warm-up match in all three games, three games down Chelsea failed to win a game in 90 minutes, scored a total of five goals, Azar scored two goals, Moses and Cahill have a ball fetched. Three Chelsea striker Remy harvest only one goal last season, and the highly anticipated Costa Sydney striker Falcao failed to open the scoring account.

The game Mourinho sent Costa starting to play, it is hoped that the general performance of the game, he can continue to restore the state, the first 17 minutes, Costa in the penalty area to the top of the arc becomes rounded out the restricted area, but they lost focus and fell down in the penalty area. Match the first 33 minutes, Fabregas sent a wonderful kick in the back straight, after Costa throw the ball with the speed Baltra form single-handedly, but the face of the goalkeeper missed the ball even Costa missed a great opportunity to expand the score, but also to the chagrin of Costa anger kicked billboard vent their dissatisfaction. Then in an attack, Fabregas finishes with a beautiful heel pass, but Costa still did not get the chance.

The bigger problem appears after Costa appeared in the case of injury, even to be replaced themselves indicate the sidelines, while Mike Mussina also replaced by Remy to Costa, who was replaced directly into the Players channel, look very depressed. In the post-match press conference, Mourinho talked about the Costa’s injury: “Costa hamstring feel uncomfortable, but we need to wait for test results.” After returning this summer, has increased Costa’s body , the game down a little flexibility, and is now appeared in the case of injury, wants to continue to play the power in the new season, Costa also need to adjust the state of the body as quickly as possible.

After Remy replaced by Costa, Jose Mourinho and Falcao replaced Azar usage, while Remy followed Falcao sent a ball wide of the goal which barbs. Chelsea finally equalized in the 85th minute, but the goal is the defender Cahill. While Falcao and Remy in the penalty shootout as Chelsea are successful free throws, but within regular time off the bench performance is difficult to be called satisfactory.

Drogba this summer, leaving the team moved to the United States Major League, while Chelsea striker is aware of the problem of thickness, teenager Suolan Ke though highly anticipated, but also take a leading role from the very long way to go. Chelsea, on loan from Monaco to Manchester United last season underperforming Falcao, who is also the hope that the drastic state of Colombian striker can get back at Chelsea. Essien Chelsea Jiujiang optimistic about Falcao can return to the peak: “Mourinho knows how to make the players at their best, how best to express themselves, how to motivate players, he will back you Falcao We know that Falcao, “with Barcelona before the game, Mourinho said:.”… I have no secret I just feel Falcao new opportunities and I believe he would be very useful to us in ”
Falcao played in the Copa America was flat, after a rendezvous with Chelsea apparently still looking for a state to run, if Costa injury, the next game with Arsenal in the Community Shield match, Mourinho is likely to choose mine m were starting, Falcao will wait for the opportunity bench. For Falcao who waste time and Chelsea were running, into the Mourinho’s tactical system, we hope to soon gain a firm foothold in Chelsea.

Remy rumors of leaving the team this summer, can be described as constantly, time is the summer of next year the European Cup in France carried out, as the French striker, Remy naturally want to be able to show the European Cup at home were good, and want to firmly secured the main French national team, Club playing time nature is very much needed Remy, Remy last season, most of the time based on a substitute, which is obviously difficult for Remy satisfaction. From the current perspective, Remy received very good performance opportunities, and even hopes to become Chelsea’s starting forward. But for Costa and Falcao have Chelsea, this type of operation is not a result of the transfer of good report card. The ability to make 索兰克 smooth growth, Mourinho issues to be considered.

While Chelsea’s midfield and defense have a good ability to score, but Chelsea’s situation is also dubbed the “retrograde step”, but as a fight for the championship teams, the striker is still required as the team’s top firepower while in the backcourt players also need to break the striker pulled out of space. Therefore, to solve urgent problems for the Chelsea striker is.

Competing at a greater level in FIFA 16

In FIFA 16, there is certainly the inclusion of new and diverse paths to produce the devotees acquire every level of results. This year, the approach of EA Sports is always to make a much better player properly. In case you are new to FIFA of EA Sports, the gaming method makes you get in to the game. After you are a veteran player, you are able to discover the top season forever. The gamers can purchase fifa 16 coins on the web now when FIFA 16 becomes reside. There is certainly the introduction of a concept of a new in-game trainer in FIFA 16. It can be to supply the contextual feedback of the gamer on how you send the greater crosses. It really is to score additional objectives and defend with all the confidence.

introduction of FIFA trainer

Though you’re going to play FIFA for the pretty initially time or you are have been playing because the Day One. They’re frequently paths to grow the FIFA skills and it is actually to overcome your resistance. As there is certainly FIFA trainer, the aim should be to make develop the player’s in game besides depending upon the video gaming tutorials. In the gameplay of FIFA 16, there’s the introduction of an optional graphical overlay known as Heads-Up-Display that tends to make recognize the current game situation. It is to introduce the varying possibilities depended on the amount of trainer. It can be between basic and basic commands which might be to make have you on the feet to deeper hints helping shift the tide of the match in favor in the gamer. The FIFA trainer is like getting an expert by the side during the time of play. The gamers can acquire fifa 16 coins on-line when FIFA 16 becomes reside in the later part of September 2015.

the consideration of talent games -the fundamental level

Over the final couple of years, the abilities games have not only prepared it probable to obtain a number of the finer aspects for the series of FIFA. They’ve also created the competition from the friend to pal as they compete for the highest attainable score. In FIFA 16, the introduction of a new standard level aimed at assisting for the very first time for FIFA players. When there are the seasoned FIFA devotees which can be to breeze by way of these new confrontations. It is to aim to establish that FIFA 16 comes out because the most accessible iteration within the franchise. The gamers can purchase fifa coins on the net as quickly as FIFA 16 becomes reside.

the introduction of three techniques of playing in FIFA 16

When FIFA 16 publishes on 22 September, there is the providing of three diverse pre-order versions that characterize the varying bonuses that cater to diverse group of devotees of FIFA. You will find three versions through which it is possible to take aspect in FIFA 16. These involve FIFA 16 Super Deluxe Edition, FIFA 16 Deluxe Edition, and FIFA 16 Normal Edition. The FIFA 16 Super Deluxe Edition integrates the whole game plus. There is the forty FIFA Ultimate Group Jumbo Premium Gold Packs that may be delivered one per week for forty consecutive weeks. You’ll be able to obtain fifa 16 coins on line to make your finest FIFA 16 team when FIFA 16 is on the air.more:

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